Digital Social Space is fairly straight forward to use. Once you enter the room, you will be asked to allow your computer to connect with your microphone and camera, similarly to Zoom. After this, you will be admitted into the room. 


In the room, you will see four boxes, 1 in each corner. These rooms will enable up to 50 users to join at the same time and chat via webcam. In the areas between the boxes, you can form your own chat groups via webcam, of which the system allows for 10 to join at one time. 


To connect with other individuals, or to join one of the four rooms, all you have to do is click on your circle and drag your circle to another individual’s circle, or to one of the four boxes. When you release, you will be connected and can chat freely. 


The room will be open on the first day of the conference and will not close until the day after the conference concludes. Please note that the room will not be monitored during the conference. 


More information can be found here:


We hope that you enjoy this digital social space!