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Session 1A - Representing Female Bodies
Session 1B - Pregnancy on Display
Session 2A - Giving Birth (or Not)
Session 2B - Near and Far: Proximity at Court
Opening Keynote
Session 3A - The Strange Afterlives of Dead Bodies
Session 3B - Materiality, Practices and Narratives of Embodiment in Early Modern South Asian Courts
Session 4A - Gendering High Fashion
Session 4B - Building Relationships in the Literature of the Court
Roundtable 1 - Performativity of Premodern Bodies - Natural and Staged
Session 5A - Contesting Bodily Categories at Court
Session 5B - Courtly Bodies in Conflict
Session 6A - Courtly Illness, Courtly Cures
Session 6B - Rethinking Body and Desire at the Mughal Court, 15th-18th Centuries
Plenary Keynote
Session 7A - Problematic Relationships at Early Modern Courts
Session 7B - Bodies under Duress
Session 8A - Where Life Meets Death
Session 8B - Pubic and Private Lives at Court
Roundtable 2 - Premodern Contested Bodies
Session 9 - Power and Play Among the Elite
Closing Keynote
Closing Remarks