Registration Information 

Please review all the information below before you click over to the registration platform. 

  • The registration deadline for the early-bird rate has passed (30 July 2022).

  • The deadline for conference registration (in-person and virtual) has been extended to 19 August 2022.

  • All presenters must also register by the deadline.

Conference rates and fees:

                                           In-person                   Virtual

Normal                                   €45.00                   €15.00

Bursaried Presenters              €0.00                     €0.00

SCS Member *                      €20.00                     €5.00

Finnish Academia **            €14.00                     €5.00


Turku Castle Session***      €30.00 


Turku Castle Session

(companion)***                    €30.00

* SCS Member NOTE: You must be a registered member of the Society for Court Studies to receive this rate. All registrations will be cross referenced with the Society’s membership list. If you are not a member and register with this rate, you may be charged the difference of the normal conference fee before admission to the conference proceedings. If you would like to become a member, visit the Society’s membership page found here:

** Finnish Academia e.g. University of Helsinki, Aalto University, Turku/Åbo Akademi, Tampere University or other Finnish academic organisations.

*** Please note: this rate is specifically for transportation to Turku Castle for the final day; the title of the registration fee is to satisfy the registration criteria for the finance system at the University of Helsinki. As such, the Turku Castle Session is a separate product on this form, but is still part of the conference proceedings. You can also pay for a companion's participation in the Turku Castle Session, please select the ‘Turku Castle Session (companion)’ in addition to your own.

If you have questions about registration or issues the online form, contact the Organizing Committee at Please DO NOT contact the University of Helsinki.

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