Helsinki Information

Below you will find important and useful information about navigating and visiting Helsinki. 


Getting around Helsinki is very easy. Helsinki is not so vast as other major European cities. Most places are close by and within walking distance. However, Helsinki has a great public transportation system. We strongly encourage you to download the HSL app which is available for Android, Google, and Apple phones ( You can use the app to purchase and display your tickets, plan routes, and see public transport maps. 


It is important to note there are four types of transportation in Helsinki: trams, metro, commuter trains, and buses. You will most likely only need to use the first 3 options. Most of these forms of transportations are accessible at most major stations. However, we have provided images of maps for each type of transport, found below. You can download a PDFs of these maps below.


Tram map














Metro/train map








Tickets for public transportation are relatively cheap in Helsinki. Like other major European cities, Helsinki is made up of 3 key zones (A, B, C). A & B are the central areas and C includes the airport. Tickets and prices are based on these zones. Tickets within zones A&B costs €2.90-single trip or €5.60-return. There are also day tickets for unlimited trips. You can get day tickets for 1 day (€8.00) or up to 13 days (€56.00). All of these are available on the HSL app.

To/from Airport (lentosema)


Traveling to and from the airport is simple and convenient. When you arrive at Helsinki-Vantaa airport, you can easily catch the train from the airport train station below the airport. The train from the airport to Helsinki train station (Rautatieasema) will take approximately 25 – 30 minutes. 


Getting to the Helsinki conference venue


The University of Helsinki conference venue is located on the city centre campus and right next to amazing sights, including Helsinki Cathedral and the National Library of Finland. The closest metro stop is Helsingin yliopisto (Helsinki University), 6-minute walk from the venue. The closest tram stops are Ylioppilastalo (Lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10), Alexsanterinkatu (Lines 2, 4, 5 and 7) or Ritarihuone (Lines 4 and 5). These are a 5 to 6 minute walk to the venue. 


To/from Turku via Coach


For the final day of the conference (3 September), we will be in Turku at Turku Castle. We have arranged a coach to take us to Turku Castle and back to Helsinki after the final sessions. n Saturday morning, we will be meeting in front of the Main Building on Fabianinkatu for board the coach bus that will take us to Turku. Only those who have registered and paid for the coach will be allowed to board. It is important that participants are at the meeting point no later than 08:15. The bus will depart promptly thereafter. During the journey to Turku, Professor Anu Lahtinen will point out historical and cultural sites of interest. We should arrive in Turku around 10:00am at which point we will make our way to the entrance of Turku Castle and wait to start the guided tour. Upon the conclusion of the proceedings, participants will be meeting in front of Turku Castle to board the same coach bus to return to Helsinki. The bus will drop us off back in front of the Main Building on Fabianinkatu around 18:00. Unfortunately, the deadline has passed to purchase a spot on the coach. If you wish to travel to Turku for the final sessions, you will need to arrange travel to Turku yourself. Train details are provided below to give you options.


Turku trains


For an alternative form of travel to Turku, you can take the train from Helsinki train station to Turku. NOTE: Transportation via train may be under rail works during September. The roundtrip journey could cost anywhere between €25 to €50 depending on how early you book tickets. We urge you to book well in advance via: There are 5 options of scheduled trains that can be taken to Turku in time for the proceedings:


Friday, 2 September – 17:36        Saturday, 3 September - 5:28

Friday, 2 September – 18:36        Saturday, 3 September - 8:36

Friday, 2 September – 21:06

Restaurants (ravintola), supermarkets, and other facilities

Lunch will be provided during the conference (as part of the conference fee), but we know that many of you will want to experience the food culture and dining out in Helsinki. 


There are many great places to eat in Helsinki that cater to many discerning palates and dietary needs, including vegan and gluten-free options. Contrary to general ideas about Finnish foods, the food culture in Finland is quite diverse and flavourful. Coffee places are plentiful, and sweets are never in short supply. In fact, Finland is the world’s leading consumer of coffee and ice cream. 


While there are restaurants and food selections will accommodate all budgets, it is important to note that food on average is higher in Helsinki. Lunches can cost between €12-25 per person, whereas dinners can cost between €27-35 per person.


Below is a curated list of restaurants and eateries that are recommended by the host organizers in Finland and their partners. These places have been selected with consideration of varying budgets. The strongest recommendation is listed first in each category. 


Note: A great way to try locally source and traditional Finnish foods is to visit the food halls (there are 3—Hakaniemi Market Hall, Old Market Hall, and Hietalahti Market Hall).













Traditional Finnish 












  • K Market

  • CityMarket

  • S Market

  • Alepa/Sale​

Helsinki Sights


If you are planning to stay longer and want other recommendations, please do

not hesitate to contact the organizers.

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